In the Shadow of a President: Get to Know the Daughters of America’s Leaders


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president daughters

Source: Getty Images

Being president of the United States isn’t an easy job and most who choose to run know this from the start. But what about the children of the president? Often, they are young children still in school and watching cartoons on the weekend. They don’t sign up for the constant barrage of press and media that surrounds the first family. For president daughters and sons, it’s four years (or more) of your life in the public eye. The public knows just about everything about you they can, but what happens when POTUS leaves office? Where do the kids go from there as they re-acclimate to normal society?

Today, we’ll take a look at president daughters and where they were during and after their father’s terms in office. Many, after years of public service as youth, continue their parents’ legacies of charitable work. Others venture into the private sector. Which president daughters do you most admire? Give your thoughts in the comments!