Definition of "yoick" []

  • To urge or drive by the cry of “Yoicks.”
  • To urge on (foxhounds) by crying "yoicks" (verb)

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Use "yoick" in a sentence
  • "Hmm? and I wanted to leap through the screen and bat all of them over the head, because maybe it doesn't feel like a Depression if you're a rich tool living in DC, rich tool, but come live as a middle class or working class yoick here in AR, tool, or some worse off place in the country Oddly, I'm hearing there are worse off places that Arkansas right now!"
  • "An utterance typical of the red brick (in Manhattan, "white brick") yoick Brits that S.I. Newhouse Jr. has imported by the boxcar, for reasons that escape this observer."
  • "The little stops view him as he passes, and far and near the air resounds with shrill "yoick!" and "tally-ho!""