Definition of "yielding" []

  • Inclined to give way to pressure, argument, or influence; docile. (adjective)
  • Compliant, submissive, or flexible (adjective)

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  • Pliable or soft (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "yielding" in a sentence
  • "'The _method and nature_ of this yielding' [of _this yielding_ -- SUBJECTION is the question] 'must also be diligently examined; as, _for instance_, whether the motions' [ 'of liberty'] 'completely cease, or exert themselves, but are constrained; for in all bodies with which we are acquainted, _there is no real, but an apparent rest, either in the whole, or in the parts_."
  • "Thor came to rescue Bill, and once again yielding Stormbreaker, Bill tricked the Skrulls and defeated them."
  • "The utility of a bottom up approach in yielding accurate descriptions of systems in no way implies that the causal origin of such systems can be accounted for this way."