Definition of "yawped" []

  • To gape or yawn, esp audibly (verb)
  • To shout, cry, or talk noisily; bawl (verb)
  • To bark, yelp, or yowl (verb)
  • A shout, bark, yelp, or cry (noun)
  • A noisy, foolish, or raucous utterance (noun)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of yawp. (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016 : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "yawped" in a sentence
  • "Zorba, wide-eyed, spit out Vlad's johnson and yawped like a pleurisied guppy."
  • "As I've oft-yawped before, this was my 25th home dook game in a row, and of all the Herculean journeys I've taken to get here on time, this may be the most Herculeanest."
  • "Emil saw Malcolm, the superhero who called himself Razorheart, at about the same time and yawped in surprise and fear."
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