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Definition of "wrist-drop" [wrist-drop]

  • Inability to extend the hand, owing to paralysis of the extensor muscles in the forearm. It is commonly associated with lead-poisoning. Also called dropwrist. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "wrist-drop" in a sentence
  • "When taken in small but long-continued doses, it produces colic, called painter's colic; great pain, obstinate constipation, and in extreme cases paralytic, symptoms, especially wrist-drop, with a blue line along the edge of the gums."
  • "The right upper extremity was normal, but weak; there was wrist-drop on the left side and the deltoid was wasted and powerless; on the other hand the fingers could be flexed, and although the elbow could not be, there were signs of returning power in the biceps, and some movements of the shoulder could be performed by the capsular muscles."
  • "At the end of a month the man left for England, with fair power in the triceps, but well-marked wrist-drop."