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Definition of "wrest-plank" [wrest-plank]

  • Same as wrestblock. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "wrest-plank" in a sentence
  • "A down-bearing bridge to the wrest-plank, with hammers striking upward, are clearly not in relation; the tendency of the hammer must be, if there is much force used, to lift the string from its bearing, to the detriment of the tone."
  • "The object of the patent was a combination of metal tubes with metal plates, the metallic tubes extending from the plates which were attached to the string-block to the wrest-plank."
  • "The near ends are wound round the wrest-pins, which are inserted in the wooden bed, called the wrest-plank, the strength and efficiency of which are most important for the tone and durability of the instrument."