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Definition of "wooden-headed" [wooden-headed]

  • Thick headed; stupid; lacking penetration or discernment.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "wooden-headed" in a sentence
  • ""It is epitomized by a historian's statement about Philip II of Spain, the most wooden-headed of all sovereigns: 'No experience of the failure of his policy could shake his belief in its essential excellence.'""
  • "And their war weapons were laid away by the sides of the lifeless bones that had wielded them — rusty old horse-pistols, derringers, pepper-boxes, five-barrelled fantastiques, Kentucky long riffles, muskets handled in trade by John Company and Hudson's Bay, shark-tooth swords, wooden stabbing-knives, arrows and spears bone-headed of the fish and the pig and of man, and spears and arrows wooden-headed and fire-hardened."
  • "And while chivalry committed suicide over its ladies 'gloves, the stout, wooden-headed burghers, with an eye to the facts of life, dickered and bickered in trade."