Definition of "white-trashy" [white-trashy]

  • Characteristic of white trash. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "white-trashy" in a sentence
  • "Plus, he's kind of a white-trashy dickhead, which entertains me to no end."
  • "Whenever she parades her white-trashy reality show attitude into public view, it's an ongoing display of ridiculousness, unrivaled in decades."
  • "They'll do so not only for the white guilt it addresses, and deftly mitigates, but for the plot's entertaining contrivances chief among them a climax of cyclonic uplift, the bonds of love between whites and blacks and a cast of outsize characters that includes Bryce Dallas Howard's chillingly bigoted Hilly, smiling incessantly and focused on preserving white purity with ever more black-only toilets; and Jessica Chastain's desperate, white-trashy Celia."