Definition of "vulturine" []

  • Of, relating to, or characteristic of a vulture. (adjective)
  • Rapacious; predatory. (adjective)

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Use "vulturine" in a sentence
  • "If Captain Ducie's features were aquiline, those of the stranger might be termed vulturine -- long, lean, narrow, with a thin, high-ridged nose, and a chin that was pointed with a tuft of thick, black hair."
  • "I was fishing an Ailsa's Elver, named after my god-daughter, a gorgeous fly of blue and black with a vulturine guinea fowl feather running its length."
  • ""Speed-the-Plow," in which a pair of vulturine Hollywood executives wrangle over the shapely carcass of a not-so-innocent secretary, was first seen in 1988 in a production that starred Joe Mantegna, Ron Silver and Madonna, a cast about which New York playgoers are still talking."