Definition of "volute" []

  • A spiral scroll-like ornament such as that used on an Ionic capital. (noun)
  • A spiral formation, such as one of the whorls of a gastropod shell. (noun)
  • Any of various marine gastropod mollusks of the family Volutidae, having a spiral, often colorfully marked shell. (noun)
  • A spiral or twisting turn, form, or object; spiral; whorl (noun)

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  • A carved ornament, esp as used on an Ionic capital, that has the form of a spiral scroll (noun)
  • Any of the whorls of the spirally coiled shell of a snail or similar gastropod mollusc (noun)
  • Any tropical marine gastropod mollusc of the family Volutidae, typically having a spiral shell with beautiful markings (noun)
  • A tangential part, resembling the volute of a snail's shell, that collects the fluids emerging from the periphery of a turbine, impeller pump, etc (noun)
  • Having the form of a volute; spiral (adjective)
  • Moving in a spiral path (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "volute" in a sentence
  • "Often the cavity was the home of a creature Teal called a volute, but this one was dry and deserted."
  • "The water first enters the volute, which is an annular channel surrounding the runner, and then flows between the fixed guide vanes, which give the water the optimum direction of flow."
  • "Most of the volute is the correct shape but the add on section i am having difficulties with."