Definition of "vagina" []

  • Anatomy The passage leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus in female mammals. (noun)
  • Anatomy A similar part in some invertebrates. (noun)
  • Botany A sheathlike structure, such as the leaf of a grass that surrounds a stem. (noun)
  • The moist canal in most female mammals, including humans, that extends from the cervix of the uterus to an external opening between the labia minora (noun)

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  • Any sheath or sheathlike structure, such as a leaf base that encloses a stem (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "vagina" in a sentence
  • "What shocks you, that I speak the word vagina or that I speak the truth?!"
  • "Hmm, this is becoming the kind of story that uses the word vagina a lot."
  • ""2 Girls" is one of those new-season sitcoms whose writers have persuaded themselves of the comic powers in the word "vagina"—a delusion that may pass in time."