Definition of "unyoking" [unyoking]

  • Present participle of unyoke. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "unyoking" in a sentence
  • "But when the third part of the day was still left as it wanes from dawn, and wearied labourers call for the sweet hour of unyoking to come to them straightway, then the fallow was ploughed by the tireless ploughman, four plough-gates though it was; and he loosed the plough from the oxen."
  • "The soldiers, enraged at the desertion of the Macedonians, vented their rage on all their yokes of oxen which they found on the road, and on any baggage which had tumbled off (as might easily happen in the panic of a night retreat), by unyoking and cutting down the cattle and taking the baggage for themselves."
  • "Then six carts came into view, pulled by teams of oxen, the Drenai watched as men milled around the carts, unyoking the beasts."
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