Definition of "unsaponifiable" [unsaponifiable]

  • Not able to be saponified; used of those lipids (such as steroids) that are not glycerides (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "unsaponifiable" in a sentence
  • "The exact chemical changes occurring during the alkaline boil have not yet been verified; but in a somewhat oversimplified manner, the following changes could be deduced to happen: the hemicellulose which are largely made up of mixed polysaccharides are converted to their soluble simple sugars; saponifiable gums and waxes are saponified into soluble soaps; and, unsaponifiable oils are emulsified by these soaps and the wetting agent."
  • "Under this heading should also be included stearines produced by submitting distilled fat to hydraulic pressure, the distillates from e from unsaponifiable matter, cocoa-nut oleine, a bye-product from the manufacture of edible cocoa-nut butter and consisting largely of free acids, and palm-nut oleine obtained in a similar manner from palm-nut oil."
  • "The materials in the above class require to be carefully examined for the presence of unsaponifiable matter, lime salts and other impurities."