Definition of "tutti-frutti" [tut•ti-frut•ti]

  • (noun) A confection, especially ice cream, containing a variety of chopped and usually candied fruits.
  • (noun) A flavoring simulating the flavor of many fruits.
  • (adjective) Having a combination of fruit flavors.

Use "tutti-frutti" in a sentence

  • "One thing's for sure, X thinks, staring out the window of the taxi as the city melts past in rain-smeared tutti-frutti neon, one thing's for sure: this is either a dream, or it isn't."
  • "But something went seriously wrong along the way, as government funding dried up, exacerbated by Italy's economic crisis, and corporate sponsors such as Coca-Cola have jumped in as white or in Coke's case tutti-frutti knights."
  • "And to top it all off,? tutti-frutti? macaroons: a typical French almond sweet reinterpreted with spring fruits in honour of the Cartier jewelry house?"

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