Definition of "troller" [troll•er]

  • (noun) One who fishes by trolling.
  • (noun) An engine-powered fishing boat, used for moving slowly while fishing lines drag behind, sometimes able to sail in shallow water.

Use "troller" in a sentence

  • "The Wii con­troller is really well-designed, and although its cur­rent imple­men­ta­tions — in every­thing from ten­nis to the new Zelda — are all fun and inter­est­ing, the coolest thing to me is that you can sense there’s some­thing even cra­zier wait­ing around the corner."
  • "And seeing the troller was a relief, because what we were dealing with was a timeframe before the next storm rolled in, because the boat was pretty disabled at that point, and I would have had to done some -- I would have had to have done a few things to keep the boat from, you know, staying on the top, instead of going down if another storm rolled through like the one that hit."
  • "Yes, I am aware that his handle is "troller" backwards."

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