Definition of "tricameral" [tricameral]

  • Of or being a legislature composed of three chambers. (adjective)

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Use "tricameral" in a sentence
  • "Botha's reign, the experiment of broadening parliamentary representation to include coloureds and Indians in the so-called tricameral parliament was tried, and the government found itself under increasing pressure (or "total onslaught", as Botha put it) on all fronts because of its apartheid policy, internally and internationally."
  • "White South Africans must, in increasing numbers, also act in favour of a united, democratic and nonracial South Africa and reject unequivocally the so-called tricameral parliament and all institutions and "resolutions" based on the system of apartheid in all its elements."
  • "Because they have no alternative, which makes the so-called tricameral parliament a total farce."
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