Definition of "tributary" []

  • Making additions or yielding supplies; contributory. (adjective)
  • Paid in tribute. (adjective)
  • Paying tribute: a tributary colony. (adjective)
  • A stream that flows into a larger stream or other body of water. (noun)
  • A ruler or nation that pays tribute. (noun)
  • A stream, river, or glacier that feeds another larger one (noun)

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  • A person, nation, or people that pays tribute (noun)
  • (of a stream, etc) feeding a larger stream (adjective)
  • Given or owed as a tribute (adjective)
  • Paying tribute (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tributary" in a sentence
  • "In the spring and fall, bass tend to chase baitfish more actively, and whenever you encounter any type of surface activity, especially in tributary creeks, you're usually close to bass."
  • "After due deliberation we decided that the best place to ford was a short distance above the junction of a tributary from the other side and opposite a sandbar which divided the river."
  • "Assyria (compare Ho 7: 11), as Israel lately had done (2Ki 17: 4), after having revolted from Assyria, to whom they had been tributary from the times of Menahem (2Ki 15: 19)."