Definition of "traditional" []

  • Of, relating to, or in accord with tradition: a traditional wedding ceremony. (adjective)
  • Of, relating to, or being a tradition (adjective)

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  • Of or relating to the style of jazz originating in New Orleans, characterized by collective improvisation by a front line of trumpet, trombone, and clarinet accompanied by various rhythm instruments (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "traditional" in a sentence
  • "The term traditional diet once meant a plain, none-too-varied regional diet that was the standard fare of farmers and laborers."
  • "A common position on what we call traditional shamanism -- ancient and indigenous tribes with exclusive cultural rituals and cosmology -- is that it is a religion."
  • "We are the social workers, psychiatrists, workers at homeless shelters and rape crisis centers -- and still some people and groups blame us for the breakup of what they call the "traditional American family.""