Definition of "trachoma" [tra•cho•ma]

  • (noun) A contagious disease of the conjunctiva and cornea, caused by the gram-negative bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis and characterized by inflammation, hypertrophy, and formation of granules of adenoid tissue. It is a major cause of blindness in Asia and Africa.

Use "trachoma" in a sentence

  • "The resident nurse, a buxom elderly woman, said they had no real sickness; in summer, the children got a bit of conjunctivitis and diarrhea; oh, no, trachoma is very rare, and besides, we cure it; there's some chicken pox now."
  • "We've got the weapons to seriously reduce the burden of most of these diseases, including trachoma, which is the world's leading cause of blindness."
  • "However, it is unclear whether the stages of trichiasis and pannus were identified as trachoma complications."

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