Definition of "tongueless" [tongue•less]

  • (adjective) Having no tongue.
  • (adjective) Lacking the faculty of speech; mute.
  • (adjective) Speechless; silent.

Use "tongueless" in a sentence

  • "She accepted that he was the better writer and would only construct her own stories when he sank into the sleep of tongueless witches."
  • "For his mouth being large, tongueless, and continually open in the water, multitudes of leeches become entangled in his teeth: these, when the crocodile emerges from the river and opens his mouth, are removed by a friendly waterbird, which is allowed to insert its beak without any risk to itself."
  • "The huge animal approached the platform, shaking his large wrinkled head, which he raised and sunk, as if impatient, and curling upwards his trunk from time to time, as if to show the gulf of his tongueless mouth."

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