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Definition of "toilet-table" [toilet-table]

  • A dressing-table; especially, a table arranged for a lady with the appurtenances of the toilet, and made somewhat ornamental, as with lace or ribbons. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "toilet-table" in a sentence
  • "“Poor fellow!” she thought; “he has not had one faithless thought; he loves me as he did on the first day; he tells me all — Philoxene!” she cried, noticing her maid, who was standing near and pretending to arrange the toilet-table."
  • "His valet made a fortune out of his wardrobe: his toilet-table was covered with as many pomatums and essences as ever were employed by an old beauty: he had tried, in order to give himself a waist, every girth, stay, and waistband then invented."
  • "“What beautiful roses!” cries Harry, looking at a fine China vase full of them that stood on the toilet-table, under the japan-framed glass."