Definition of "tobacco-pouch" [tobacco-pouch]

  • A pouch or bag for a small quantity of tobacco for smoking or chewing, carried about the person. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "tobacco-pouch" in a sentence
  • "When the discourse was finished, he knocked the ashes out of his pipe, replaced it in his sporran, returned the tobacco-pouch or spleuchan to its owner, and joined in the prayer with decency and attention."
  • "Mrs. Pickle, like a sensible matron, quitted the place, on pretence of going to the nursery; and Mr. Hatchway, taking the hint, recollected that he had left his tobacco-pouch in the parlour, whither he descended, leaving the two lovers to their mutual endearments."
  • "Rima, have you got a tobacco-pouch with the other things?"