Definition of "tippler" [tip•pler]

  • (noun) A seller of alcoholic liquors.
  • (noun) A habitual drinker; a bibber.
  • (noun) A breed of domestic pigeon bred to participate in endurance competitions.
  • (noun) An open wagon with a tipping trough, unloaded by being inverted (used for bulk cargo, especially minerals). A mine car, a lorry.

Use "tippler" in a sentence

  • "He is further down this road, probably about a half mile or so up this road actually at the entrance to the mining facility, to where they call the tippler, which is the processing plant of the mine."
  • "Mr. Marquis’s The Old Soak, a post-prohibition portrait of a genial old tippler, is perhaps the most vital bit of American humor since Mr. Dooley — some say since Mark Twain."
  • "Among the main buildings still standing is the "tippler," where mining cars traveling on a narrow-gauge railroad track would be tipped over, dumping their loads of coal."

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