Definition of "tig" [tig]

  • Tag, the children's game. (noun)
  • A capacious, flat-bottomed drinking cup, generally with four handles, formerly used for passing around the table at convivial entertainment. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "tig" in a sentence
  • "She didn't like games, but I used to make her play "tig" and such like; but it was no fun, for I could always catch her in three jumps, and she could never catch me, though she would come with as much rustle and flutter as ten boys would make."
  • "With how many games of 'tig' or brick-building in the forenoon is the long low dining room connected in my mind!"
  • "Green, Dublin, playing at 'tig' or 'hide and seek' with his canine attendants."