Definition of "throttle-valve" [throttle-valve]

  • A valve in the steam-pipe of a boiler for controlling the flow of steam to any apparatus, more particularly such a valve placed in the eduction-pipe of a steam-engine. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "throttle-valve" in a sentence
  • "As the top of the bellows _cc_ rises, it lifts up the throttle-valve _d_ (regulated by the wire _m_) which prevents the ingress of any more compressed air by _bb_."
  • "The engine-driver shut his throttle-valve with a jerk."
  • "We have no boiler, no feed pump, no stuffing-boxes to attend to -- no water-gauges, pressure-gauges, safety-valve, or throttle-valve to be looked after; the governor is of a very simple construction; and the slide-valves may be removed and replaced in a few minutes."
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