Definition of "thanes" [thanes]

  • Plural form of thane. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "thanes" in a sentence
  • "The prince he called his thanes and the shielded warriors best,"
  • "But when the full day was, and Walter arose, he called his thanes and wise men to the council; and first he bade open the prison-doors, and feed the needy and clothe them, and make good cheer to all men, high and low, rich and unrich; and thereafter he took counsel with them on many matters, and they marvelled at his wisdom and the keenness of his wit; and so it was, that some were but half pleased thereat, whereas they saw that their will was like to give way before his in all matters."
  • "The treaty of the thanes was a sacred thing, and the Daergar supported it loyally."
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