Definition of "thah" [thah]

  • A Middle English form of though. (unknown)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "thah" in a sentence
  • "But, to continue our subject, we shall add, that in the Phoenician language, the word thah (with ain) signifies also to wander, and appears to be the derivation of thein."
  • "'Hareton, thah willut sup they porridge tuh neeght; they'll be nowt bud lumps as big as maw nave."
  • "I would add that Alec Bladwin and Leonardo DiCaprio had accent trouble in the same movie, and honestly, after one hour of people talking about whose “faw-thah was a good kaw-up” and whose “faw-thah was a bad kaw-up” I had to turn it off."