Definition of "tetter" [tet•ter]

  • (noun) Chiefly Southern U.S. Any of various skin diseases, such as eczema, psoriasis, or herpes, characterized by eruptions and itching.

Use "tetter" in a sentence

  • "Things NASA Ground Operation designers need to work on is not only technical, like weight, sizes and transportation, but WHEN do humans leave a tetter and how much to they plan on accomplishing when they do."
  • "Politianus had a tetter in his nose continually running, fulsome in company, yet no man so eloquent and pleasing in his works."
  • "Why at night both my gentlemen had kibed heels, a tetter in the chin, a churchyard cough in the lungs, a catarrh in the throat, a swingeing boil at the rump, and the devil of one musty crust of a brown george the poor dogs had to scour their grinders with."

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