Definition of "temple" []

  • A building dedicated to religious ceremonies or worship. (noun)
  • Either of two successive buildings in ancient Jerusalem serving as the primary center for Jewish worship. (noun)
  • Judaism A synagogue, especially of a Reform congregation. (noun)
  • Mormon Church A building in which the sacred ordinances are administered. (noun)
  • Something regarded as having within it a divine presence. (noun)
  • A building or place dedicated to the worship of a deity or deities (noun)

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  • A Mormon church (noun)
  • Any Christian church, esp a large or imposing one (noun)
  • Any place or object regarded as a shrine where God makes himself present, esp the body of a person who has been sanctified or saved by grace (noun)
  • A building regarded as the focus of an activity, interest, or practice (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "temple" in a sentence
  • "[Illustration: _The ruined temple of Prambanam_] [Illustration: _Bas-reliefs in the Siva Temple, Prambanam_] [Illustration: _The stairs leading to a Prambanam temple_]"
  • "First you should visit Wat Phrakeaw, this temple is awesome and full with beautiful Thai Architectures."
  • "Somewhere in their temple is a wheel, a torus, which pulls strange matter into the world."