Definition of "telecommuter" [telecommuter]

  • (noun) Someone who telecommutes, using a computer connected to one's employer's network or via the Internet.

Use "telecommuter" in a sentence

  • "Lifehacker reader and architect Jeremy Levine has a spacious and well-lit office that will likely be the envy of cubicle-dweller and telecommuter alike."
  • "But with a wife and two small kids, I must work for a living and so I will have to be a visitor until I can land a remote telecommuter gig (which as a programmer is feasible, but getting an employer who is willing is not so easy)."
  • "Telecommuters tell of suddenly noticing relationships cooling with no warning, perhaps the result of a perceived slight, a little jealousy on the part of someone who had been wishing they could telecommute, or the sense that the telecommuter just didn't care anymore."

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