Definition of "tea-service" [tea-service]

  • (noun) The articles, taken collectively, used in serving tea.

Use "tea-service" in a sentence

  • "With the bawling of the men's voices still in my ears, and with the pictures of their drink-puffed and filthy faces still vivid under my eyelids, I found myself greeted by a delicate-faced, prettily-gowned woman who sat beside a lacquered oriental table on which rested an exquisite tea-service of Canton china."
  • "The steward was just bringing the pretty tea-service for Miss West, and in the background Wada hovered."
  • "Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal A selection of macarons The best bet is the tea-service platter for one or two $25 or $47, which includes tiny sandwiches such as smoked salmon with red onion or egg salad with thyme."

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