Definition of "tarpaulin" []

  • Material, such as waterproofed canvas, used to cover and protect things from moisture. (noun)
  • A sheet of this material. (noun)
  • A heavy hard-wearing waterproof fabric made of canvas or similar material coated with tar, wax, or paint, for outdoor use as a protective covering against moisture (noun)

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  • A sheet of this fabric (noun)
  • A hat of or covered with this fabric, esp a sailor's hat (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tarpaulin" in a sentence
  • "Here a tarp, short for tarpaulin, is a waterproof sheet of canvas or heavy duty plastic that you throw over things to keep the rain off."
  • "Snow and rain and summer sun had bleached its wood, its runners were red streaks of rust, its rawhide lashings had been eaten off, but snugly rolled inside the tarpaulin was a sack of mail."
  • "At the opposite side of the room, a much worn sailor's hat, commonly called a tarpaulin, was balanced upon the point of a fishing rod, and beneath this trophy was placed a small side board, the open doors of which disclosed a number of shelves laden with gilt edged drinking vessels of white and blue china; a set of rose colored tea-cups, and several polished silver plated mugs."