Definition of "taking" []

  • Capturing interest; fetching: a taking smile. (adjective)
  • Contagious; catching. Used of an infectious disease. (adjective)
  • The act of one that takes. (noun)
  • Something taken, as a catch of fish. (noun)
  • Informal Receipts, especially of money. (noun)
  • Charming, fascinating, or intriguing (adjective)

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  • Infectious; catching (adjective)
  • Something taken (noun)
  • Receipts; the income earned, taken, or received by a shop, business, etc (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "taking" in a sentence
  • "Give it a fair trial and you will agree that taking pictures -- the mere _taking_, with no bothering your head about developing, printing, toning and the like -- is a matter no more baffling than the simple art of learning to punch the letters on the keyboard of a typewriter."
  • "It proved to be a _taking in_, instead of a _taking up_, and the taking in was on the other side."
  • "Had Rob Hulse not turned an easy chance over the crossbar in the 80th minute after the United goalkeeper parried a shot from Commons into his path, the home side, with David Lowe taking charge in the ­dugout and Robbie Savage reinstated as a substitute, would be ­taking a two-goal lead into the return leg on January"