Definition of "synergistic" [syn•er•gis•tic]

  • Of or relating to synergy: a synergistic effect. (adjective)
  • Producing or capable of producing synergy: synergistic drugs. (adjective)
  • Christianity Of or relating to synergism. (adjective)

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Use "synergistic" in a sentence
  • "Mr. Stemmler: There are roughly 2,500 back office people at Frontier in Denver that are what they call synergistic cost centers."
  • "One of the longer term synergistic benefits of the EPOC acquisition is that it may provide us some flexibility to rationalize some of our product that we ship into Taiwan today from North America and Japan and we fully believe that there's some synergies there and some cost reductions related to that opportunity."
  • "Phase Four (’00s) Popularity of I Love the ’80s leads to avalanche of cheaply produced pop culture-themed originals; superfluous awards shows and tabloid programming (Driven, The Fabulous Life Of) abound; music videos quietly migrate to the wee hours only; increased influence from corporate owner Viacom results in synergistic nightmares such as ET on VH-1; trashy “Celebreality” programming brings gainful employment to has-been celebrities; catches up with MTV in its tenuous connection with music."