Definition of "symmetric" [sym•met•ric]

  • (adjective) Symmetrical.
  • (adjective) Of a relation R on a set S, such that xRy if and only if yRx for all members x and y of S (that is, if the relation holds between any element and a second, it also holds between the second and the first).
  • (adjective) Using the same key (or keys that are trivially related) for both encryption and decryption.

Use "symmetric" in a sentence

  • "It's the belief in symmetric fluctuations that drives the focus on policy rules rather than policy events."
  • "It shows how we human beings see the objects around us in symmetric shapes."
  • "This phenomenon, of nature being non-mirror symmetric, is known as CP violation, and rocked the physics world when it was discovered experimentally in the 60’s."

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