Definition of "sump" [sump]

  • (noun) A low-lying place, such as a pit, that receives drainage.
  • (noun) A cesspool.
  • (noun) A hole at the lowest point of a mine shaft into which water is drained in order to be pumped out.
  • (noun) The crankcase or oil reservoir of an internal-combustion engine.

Use "sump" in a sentence

  • "Also, the sump was an above hole pump so it meant cutting the cap to fit the pipes in and sealing it with a couple of tubes of silicone."
  • "In the winter Francis had sat in the utility room downstairs, in the corner of the room called the sump area, a dugout rough and rusty looking, where the pipes all meet in vertical poles."
  • "The car and all its parts are original - even the oil in the sump is the very same as from 20 years ago."

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