Definition of "subsurface" [subsurface]

  • (adjective) Of, relating to, or situated in an area beneath a surface, especially the surface of the earth or of a body of water.

Use "subsurface" in a sentence

  • "I can see how a trip to Mars could stimulate us to push spaceflight tech but having spent a tremendous amount of dough getting to Mars and having established that there was and possibly is water on Mars and maybe even microorganisms in subsurface seas, what then?"
  • "Among their early findings: a surprising amount of water moves rapidly through fractures in subsurface bedrock during high-intensity storms, playing a greater role in raising pore pressure than had been thought and creating "hot spots" that can fail."
  • "The cold, lightless and energy-poor conditions under the seafloor provide a promising research analog for the harsh conditions in subsurface Martian soil or near hydrothermal vents on Europa, Jupiter’s second moon."

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