Definition of "stupefaction" [stu•pe•fac•tion]

  • (noun) The act or an instance of stupefying.
  • (noun) The state of being stupefied.
  • (noun) Great astonishment or consternation.

Use "stupefaction" in a sentence

  • "It was like magic – I was expecting a mad stampede to get out of the way but the white horse-striding state troopers only froze – literally petrified in stupefaction at what to do next."
  • "The immediate effect of this beverage is not perceptible on these people, who use it so frequently; but on some of ours, who ventured to try it, though so nastily prepared, it had the same power as spirits have, in intoxicating them; or, rather, it produced that kind of stupefaction, which is the consequence of using opium, or other substances of that kind."
  • "(Nobody answers, and she makes exit.) (A moments pause, during which Starkweather, Chalmers, and Hubbard look at each other in stupefaction.)"

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