Definition of "strong-arm" [strong-arm]

  • (adjective) Using physical force or coercion: strong-arm tactics.
  • (verb-transitive) To use physical force or coercion against.
  • (verb-transitive) To rob by force.

Use "strong-arm" in a sentence

  • "Ms. MacKinnon deploys the phrase "digital bonapartism" to describe the policy of strong-arm leaders who use the Internet to seek legitimacy, for instance by crowdsourcing input on new laws or using pro-government bloggers to slur out-of-favor officials."
  • "Although the offer is being depicted as voluntary, euro-zone bond markets could still be unsettled if a large proportion of investors reject the offer and Greece is forced to strong-arm them into the deal."
  • "Teamsters President Jim Hoffa said Republicans' fines amounted to "strong-arm" tactics, and predicted a "tremendous backlash" from constituents if the bill is signed into law."

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