Definition of "stodgy" [stodg•y]

  • Dull, unimaginative, and commonplace. (adjective)
  • Prim or pompous; stuffy: "Why is the middle-class so stodgy—so utterly without a sense of humor!” ( Katherine Mansfield). See Synonyms at dull. (adjective)
  • Indigestible and starchy; heavy: stodgy food. (adjective)
  • Solidly built; stocky. (adjective)

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Use "stodgy" in a sentence
  • ""You can find great opportunities in stodgy old-fashioned blue-chip stocks.""
  • "But now, fully entrenched in stodgy-hearted adulthood, I'm more inclined toward The Power of More-Than-One, especially when the goal is to make a significant difference."
  • "It is a known quantity, even if it was known as a stodgy company for a while."