Definition of "step" []

  • The single complete movement of raising one foot and putting it down in another spot, as in walking. (noun)
  • A manner of walking; a particular gait. (noun)
  • A fixed rhythm or pace, as in marching: keep step. (noun)
  • The sound of a footstep. (noun)
  • A footprint: steps in the mud. (noun)
  • The act of motion brought about by raising the foot and setting it down again in coordination with the transference of the weight of the body (noun)

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  • The distance or space covered by such a motion (noun)
  • The sound made by such a movement (noun)
  • The impression made by such movement of the foot; footprint (noun)
  • The manner of walking or moving the feet; gait (noun)
  • A sequence of foot movements that make up a particular dance or part of a dance (noun)
  • Any of several paces or rhythmic movements in marching, dancing, etc (noun)
  • A course followed by a person in walking or as walking (noun)
  • One of a sequence of separate consecutive stages in the progression towards some goal (noun)
  • A rank or grade in a series or scale (noun)
  • An object or device that offers support for the foot when ascending or descending (noun)
  • A flight of stairs, esp out of doors (noun)
  • A very short easily walked distance (noun)
  • A melodic interval of a second (noun)
  • An offset or change in the level of a surface similar to the step of a stair (noun)
  • A strong block or frame bolted onto the keel of a vessel and fitted to receive the base of a mast (noun)
  • A ledge cut in mining or quarrying excavations (noun)
  • To move by raising the foot and then setting it down in a different position, transferring the weight of the body to this foot and repeating the process with the other foot (verb)
  • To move or go on foot, esp for a short distance (verb)
  • To move, often in an attractive graceful manner, as in dancing (verb)
  • To place or press the foot; tread (verb)
  • To enter (into a situation) apparently with ease (verb)
  • To walk or take (a number of paces, etc) (verb)
  • To perform the steps of (verb)
  • To set or place (the foot) (verb)
  • To measure (some distance of ground) by stepping (verb)
  • To arrange in or supply with a series of steps so as to avoid coincidence or symmetry (verb)
  • To raise (a mast) and fit it into its step (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "step" in a sentence
  • "In Europe, generations and centuries prepared the way for this novelty; medieval philosophy and theocratic organization had been transformed step by step…."
  • "_Following meant keeping in step with God, never missing step_."
  • "Alice knew his step, she knew _his horse's step_ too well; she had raised herself up and stretched out both arms towards him before he entered."