Definition of "stem" []

  • The main ascending axis of a plant; a stalk or trunk. (noun)
  • A slender stalk supporting or connecting another plant part, such as a leaf or flower. (noun)
  • A banana stalk bearing several bunches of bananas. (noun)
  • A connecting or supporting part, especially: (noun)
  • The tube of a tobacco pipe. (noun)
  • The main axis of a plant, which bears the leaves, axillary buds, and flowers and contains a hollow cylinder of vascular tissue (noun)

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  • Any similar subsidiary structure in such plants that bears a flower, fruit, or leaf (noun)
  • A corresponding structure in algae and fungi (noun)
  • Any long slender part, such as the hollow part of a tobacco pipe that lies between the bit and the bowl, or the support between the base and the bowl of a wineglass, goblet, etc (noun)
  • A banana stalk with several bunches attached (noun)
  • The main line of descent or branch of a family (noun)
  • A round pin in some locks on which a socket in the end of a key fits and about which it rotates (noun)
  • Any projecting feature of a component: a shank or cylindrical pin or rod, such as the pin that carries the winding knob on a watch (noun)
  • The form of a word that remains after removal of all inflectional affixes; the root of a word, esp as occurring together with a thematic element (noun)
  • The main, usually vertical, stroke of a letter or of a musical note such as a minim (noun)
  • The tubular glass section projecting from the base of a light bulb or electronic valve, on which the filament or electrodes are mounted (noun)
  • The main upright timber or structure at the bow of a vessel (noun)
  • The very forward end of a vessel (esp in the phrase from stem to stern) (noun)
  • To be derived; originate (verb)
  • To make headway against (a tide, wind, etc) (verb)
  • To remove or disengage the stem or stems from (verb)
  • To supply (something) with a stem or stems (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "stem" in a sentence
  • "Now, take a real flower of this tribe -- the common bind-weed from the hedge will do as well as any other -- and you will see that the means provided for it to run up any stick or stem it may meet, is a peculiar property it has, of twining its _stem_ round and round that of any other plant near it; and so strong is this necessity to assume"
  • "When the brain stem is severely depleted of cells Ollie, (as may occur when certain individuals attempt deep thought), certain symptoms can appear."
  • "Obama's comments about blue collar, small town America (of which I'm a member), which were poorly expressed but easily interpreted by anyone with a brain stem, is that the working poor in this country have little to rely on but faith and guns when the government that is supposed to protect and serve them does neither."