Definition of "spelt" [spelt]

  • A hardy wheat grown mostly in Europe. (noun)
  • A past tense and a past participle of spell1. (verb)

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Use "spelt" in a sentence
  • "His agent, Don Meehan, says Yemelin prefers his name spelt with a 'y'."
  • "If any keen-eyed critic of the ocean, however, should happen to detect a rope rove through the wrong leading-block, or a term spelt in such a manner as to destroy its true sound, he is admonished of the duty of ascribing the circumstances, in charity, to any thing but ignorance on the part of a brother."
  • "But here is a quote from the above-mentioned report, "Farro in Italy": "It is very difficult to make the distinction between the three different farros einkorn, emmer and spelt as particularly the term spelt and farro are often used as synonyms."