Definition of "sotto" [sotto]

  • Under; below: an Italian word occurring in a few phrases: as, sotto il soggetto, below the subject; sotto voce, under the voice, in an undertone, aside. (unknown)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "sotto" in a sentence
  • "Ya gotta stop with the jelous makein sotto voice asides."
  • "Il Conte di Pepoli si maraviglia al divino mio talento; lascia i suoi alti complimenti; e dice solamente in sotto voce, 'Ah graziosa!"
  • "I’m feeling pretty cynical about the Bush visit, and not just because getting around Jerusalem has been impossible (again) … [During] Olmert’s speech of welcome at the conference hosted by [Israeli President] Shimon Peres, I found myself adding subtitles sotto voce …"