Definition of "soonest" [soonest]

  • Superlative form of soon: most soon. (adjective)
  • Superlative form of soon: most soon. (adverb)
  • Very soon. (adverb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "soonest" in a sentence
  • "Getting together soonest is now of paramount importance."
  • "The additional connotation, therefore, which a word soonest and most readily takes on, is that of agreeableness or painfulness, in their various kinds and degrees; of being"
  • "The best of the labourers, and those that begin soonest, having so many empty spaces in their time, and their works not being filled up before God, may truly be said to labour in the vineyard scarcely one hour of their twelve; but because we are under grace, and not under the law, even such defective services, done in sincerity, shall not only be accepted, but by free grace richly rewarded."
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