Definition of "sociopathic" [sociopathic]

  • (adjective) Having the characteristics of a sociopath.
  • (adjective) Unconcerned about the adverse consequences for others of one's actions.
  • (noun) A sociopath.

Use "sociopathic" in a sentence

  • "The bigger problem is what do you do with a very small subset of the population that is enormously resistant to fact and continues to act in sociopathic ways?"
  • "Dumb's maybe an unfair generalisation, so let's add the word sociopathic to the mix and we'll call itevens, Stephens."
  • "And this murder was not -- what it ` s looking like is they were shot when they were asleep, an expeditious white-out, get rid of it, clean it up, get rich quick, get rid of things quickly, you know, sort of do things in a pragmatic -- forgive the word sociopathic, but -- sociopathic without conscience kind of way ..."

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