Definition of "snowflake" [snow•flake]

  • (noun) A single flake or crystal of snow.
  • (noun) Any of several bulbous European herbs of the genus Leucojum, having white or whitish flowers and fleshy fruit.
  • (noun) See snow bunting.

Use "snowflake" in a sentence

  • "In a couple of days I may go ahead and explain how the snowflake is a dangerous icon of a nature goddess and brainwashes children."
  • "For example, a snowflake is a highly-structured, nearly fractal, characteristically hexagonal lattice of ice."
  • "Even if we assume that everyone's fingerprints are different without having actually proved it -- just as we assume that every snowflake is different -- mistakes can be made when comparing a small partial poorly formed fingerprint to a full set of prints carefully made on a special card."

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