Definition of "small" []

  • Being below the average in size or magnitude. (adjective)
  • Limited in importance or significance; trivial: a small matter. (adjective)
  • Limited in degree or scope: small farm operations. (adjective)
  • Lacking position, influence, or status; minor: "A crowd of small writers had vainly attempted to rival Addison” ( Thomas Macaulay). (adjective)
  • Unpretentious; modest: made a small living; helped the cause in my own small way. (adjective)
  • Comparatively little; limited in size, number, importance, etc (adjective)

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  • Of little importance or on a minor scale (adjective)
  • Lacking in moral or mental breadth or depth (adjective)
  • Modest or humble (adjective)
  • Of low or inferior status, esp socially (adjective)
  • (of a child or animal) young; not mature (adjective)
  • Unimportant, trivial (adjective)
  • Not outstanding (adjective)
  • Of, relating to, or designating the ordinary modern minuscule letter used in printing and cursive writing (adjective)
  • Lacking great strength or force (adjective)
  • In fine particles (adjective)
  • (of beer, etc) of low alcoholic strength (adjective)
  • Into small pieces (adverb)
  • In a small or soft manner (adverb)
  • A small slender part, esp of the back (noun)
  • Items of personal laundry, such as underwear (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "small" in a sentence
  • "  Happy memories include, the small small bed that Rick had when we met…. it was small…. it was great…., the lack of hangers, the big screen TV that took my mind off of the past a lot of nights, the hamburgers and cheese and crazy nights of eating dinner at midnight…. it was like being in college… never alone… and much activity."
  • "To form them use two very small coffeespoons or eggspoons, as the quenelles should not be larger than _small_ olives; butter the spoons slightly, and when formed drop each for one or two minutes into boiling pale-colored stock."
  • "_Caution_: If the patient is an infant or small child, blow _small puffs_ of air into him about 20 times a minute."