Definition of "small-toothed" []

  • Having small teeth (adjective)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "small-toothed" in a sentence
  • "(Soundbite of slicing) JOYCE: Wrangham says that even after we started eating meat, raw food just didn't pack the energy to build the big-brained, small-toothed, modern human."
  • "He would cling to the sheer curtains, spread flat with his small-toothed grin aimed toward Margaret, ten feet south."
  • "Four of these species are considered critically endangered: Bulmer's fruit-bat (Aproteles bulmerae), large leptomys (Leptomys elegans), eastern shrew-mouse (Pseudohydromys murinus), and lesser small-toothed rat (Macruromys elegans)."
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