Definition of "slaving" [slaving]

  • (verb) Present participle of slave.

Use "slaving" in a sentence

  • "a sight more of a rascal than you ever dreamed on! and this snapping of you up by Injun deviltry, that you think so hard of, is but a small part of my misdoings: I've been slaving agin you this sixteen years, more of less, _slaving_ (that's the word, for I made a niggur of myself) to rob you of these here very lands that I'm now thinking of helping you to!"
  • "I recall slaving with the multiplication tables in grade school; it's one of my earliest memories of school and it's one of the most unpleasant memories of school."
  • "If the idea of slaving away in the kitchen all day next Thursday doesn't appeal to you, then now's the time to make your reservation at one of these"

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